?Some [providers] have previously not worked in partnership with self-advocates on this type of project. For providers the experience prompted self-reflection as they asked questions about their own services based on what they had learned visiting others? [They] had the opportunity to see other services and see things from a self-advocate point of view [and be exposed to] different priorities. Working in partnership with self-advocates meant that providers had to adapt the approach they might normally have taken to checking what someone’s support was like and the process encouraged them to think about building more collaborative approaches to evaluation.? ? Commissioner, Lancashire County Council

?Welcome Values has reinforced to us the need to have good qualitative information that can be set against quantitative data. The in-depth information produced by a mixed group of visitors brings out aspects of what is not working and what is working for an individual. Although the visits are only to a small number of individuals, the results can inform questions we want to put to providers in general and highlight issues that we need to give more attention to.? ? Commissioner, Lancashire County Council

?The workshops were presented in an informal and friendly manner which made the group interact well and produce some good ideas and thoughts. ?I learnt to look at the issue of providing dignity in care through a more holistic approach, not just centring our attention on personal care but also looking at the person?s experiences throughout their daily life.? – Lancashire County Council Provider Services

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?The outcomes for me were learning about the Welcome Values process. ?I?m now going to take what I?ve learnt and incorporate it into the training I already deliver to services up and down the country? ?[The process] would work well with people with dementia as it?s similar to how we work already. ?So I would use life stories, the traffic light system and then establish likes and dislikes. ?It could become part of person-centred planning.? – Carewatch Home Care