Welcome Values Will..

The recent evaluation of Welcome Values identified a number of key outcomes for service providers, local authority commissioners and people who use services:

Service Providers

There is evidence that participation in the project led to outcomes for providers, in that they made changes to rotas and engaged in skills matching as a result of the process. ?Therefore they were able to make positive changes to improve the effectiveness of the care and support they provide for no additional expenditure. ?In addition, the experience of working in partnership with self-advocates led to a degree of self-reflection amongst the staff from providers.

Local Authority Commissioners

A positive outcome was a valuable insight into the services they commission through qualitative data about the views of service users and self-advocates which gave a much more rounded picture of the effectiveness of a service than the quantitative data which they usually use to monitor services. It also highlighted from them areas where existing resources could be used more efficiently.

People Who Use Services

For the people who carry out reviews, positive outcomes were learning new skills around working as a team, self-confidence and assertiveness, advocacy, listening and observing. ?In addition, some people developed new (or rekindled old) friendships as a result of participating.

For people who use the services being reviewed, a number of different positive outcomes were identified. ?These included building new relationships, positive changes in staff and staff rotas, greater confidence in going out and accessing the community and support to contact family members.